Cashew and sunflower milk

I’ve recently had to go dairy free which in all honesty isn’t too hard, although I do love my cheese and butter but the hardest thing I had to try and replace is the milk I use in my tea and coffee.  It’s not that I drink a lot of either but I really enjoy it when I do and so far none of the milk alternatives I’ve tried have worked for me in my morning cuppa. They all leave a bitter taste or curdle or both, not that curdling alters the taste but visually its not very pleasant.

I had made cashew milk in the past and enjoyed it but it’s expensive to make and while I’m on a bit of a budget I thought I’d try mixing cashews and sunflower seeds (inspired by Quirky Cookings almond and sunflower and rice and sunflower milks) and see how it tasted.  Success, it was delicious in my tea, no yucky taste or bitterness and it didn’t curdle AND it frothed, sorry textured beautifully for my coffee and again had no bitterness or curdling.  So I’ve found my milk substitute which I’m so happy to share with you and hope you enjoy it, did I mention it’s really easy to make too.IMG_2518

Cashew and Sunflower milk

50gm raw cashews

50gm raw sunflower seeds

20gm oil (coconut, macadamia, light olive)

1000gm filtered water

I soak my cashews and sunflowers, just for a couple of hours but you can miss this step if you want to.

Place cashews and sunflower seeds into bowl of Thermomix or processor and blitz on speed 8 for 5-7 seconds.  Scrape down bowl and add water and oil, blitz for 30 seconds on speed 9.  Using a nut milk bag strain your milk, use immediately or bottle and refrigerate for up to 3-4 days.

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