What’s in your trolley?

So what IS in your trolley?  I ask in all seriousness but not solemness.  Why do I ask?  because I am feeling amused or rather bemused after chatting to my check out chick, sorry customer service assistant this morning.


This ‘Fresh Food People’ employee exclaimed quite loudly ‘wow,  look at all this fruit and veg’ as my order traveled along the conveyor belt.

The reason this comment stayed with me this morning is because this is the third time in as many weeks that someone has commented on the contents of my shopping trolley while shopping in this particular supermarket.

One lady walked passed me and commented that ‘it (was) obvious I was a cook, just look at all those ingredients’, while another commented that my bananas and veg made her feel guilty about her purchase of chocolate (on special).  I love chocolate but hadn’t purchased any that week and to be honest making your own is really easy, if not a little more expensive (that just means I eat less and less often!)


These comments stand out to me because I view grocery shopping as a means to restock on the ingredients I need to feed my family for the week, plus loo roll, tissues etc as needed.  It also highlights how reliant, as a society, we’ve become on others doing the work in the form of processed, quick, easy meal options.

In reality cooking fresh food isn’t really that time consuming but it can be daunting if you don’t feel confident in cooking or following a recipe.  Another issue of course is that our taste buds have become accustomed to the taste of processed foods so the fresh, healthier alternative struggles to meet expectations, that’s where a knowledge of how to blend herbs, spices and specialty ingredients helps out, but many people don’t have this knowledge or the pantry items to do this.

My kids often stand in the pantry or with the fridge door open and sigh exclaiming that there’s nothing to eat, usually if I haven’t had a cook up day and stocked it with home made options.  What I see when I open the very same pantry or fridge is an endless array of options of things to eat and a short space of time needed to prepare them.  Yeah, I know, I’m crazy, weird, and ‘that’s fine for you, you know how to cook’ :-).

This conversation highlighted for me just where my knowledge lies, in how to prepare delicious, simple, quick home cooked meals and snacks.  Food that is healing and nutrient dense and in many cases also delicious and decadently indulgent.

How can I help people to transition to more healthy, nutrient dense options?  What can I offer that shares my knowledge with those that want it?  Not sure, but I’m pondering it and it will be here that I offer it, so if you have any suggestions or ideas please let me know because I would truly love to see people being able to take better care of themselves and their families through the food they prepare.

The truth is even if you’re not eating organic, super food laden food but focusing on buying and eating fresh, home made food without all the additives required for preserving, flavour and presentation (ie maintaining colour etc)  you are streets ahead of those eating only processed, prepared food.  Take a small step in this weeks shop and menu plan to bring in a bit more fresh and vital food into your diet, your body will truly love you for it.IMG_2073.JPG

What stops you from making better food choices more often?  What would help you change that habit? What does good health look like to you?




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